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Mozelle – Encaustic Artist

Deer Isle ME • 207 460.2329
email   visit my website:

“The dew has gathered…” encaustic, mixed media on wood panel. 6x6"  SOLD

I always look for and pick up small objects discarded on the street, and I love to buy other people’s memories in antiques shops. All of these odd bits and pieces add to the serendipity when some of those items find their way into my mixed media pieces.

My favorite photo techniques are alternative ones – Polaroid and photocopy transfers in particular – which frequently “surprise” me with their results. Much of my work includes these images.

My most recent work involves the “story” that I give to unrelated photographs and bits and pieces of ephemera. The elements that come to hand for each piece, and the words I type, or the fragments of writing I add, all tell me what that story is.

I leave it to the viewer to create their own story…

“Drill” encaustic, mixed media on wood panel. 6x6" SOLD

“Drill” side detail. 

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